Evergreen Nursery, Inc.

Terms & Conditions


25% deposit is required with each order.
Orders for less than $100 require full payment.
Confirmation of orders will be sent after deposits have been paid with estimated shipping cost included.
Orders without deposits will not be reserved.
The balance of payment is due 14 days after scheduled shipping date.
Past due accounts will be charged 1.50% per month, compounded monthly.
The customer is liable for all collection charges.
Pre-ordered extracted boxed orders can only be picked up Tuesday thru Friday 8am-4pm. NO pickups on Monday.
A week's notice is required before pickup date.


Order changes must be made 15 days prior to shipping or pick up date, unless other arrangements have been made.


An extraction fee of $20 per 1000 will be charged to orders that require pulling and bagging.


Orders that are cancelled forfeit their deposits.


Orders will be shipped by way of UPS or delivered by Evergreen Nursery, Inc.
If delivered by Evergreen Nursery, we do not provide off loading of products.


Evergreen Nursery, Inc makes no warranty regarding its products, merchantability, or any other guarantee, express or implied. All plant material will be shipped in good condition. Evergreen Nursery assumes no liability for cost incurred in planting or any other cost related to our products. All sales are on an “as is” basis subject to customer’s acceptance on receipt.